Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Not many people know that I've grown up all my life without a father. He passed away when my mom was 6 months pregnant with me. Some may say "how can you miss what you never had?". The truth is I miss it every day. I miss it in a little girl as she hangs on to her daddy's leg. I miss it when a daddy plays in the floor with his little girl. I miss it when a teenager goes to her prom or on a date. I miss it when I graduated from high school and college I miss it when a daughter gets flowers from her daddy on Valentine's day. I miss it every single day.

I often wonder how my life would be different if my dad was still alive. I wonder if I would be living in SC. I wonder if I would be overweight. I wonder if my life would still have the difficulties I face today...

There is so much that runs through my mind when I start thinking about my dad and the life of a daughter with one vs. one without. Sometimes I wish I could just see him and talk to him...but for now I go to bed crying and wondering.........


I AM A CHRISTIAN. I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, & mind. God has really blessed me more than I could ever imagine, but the truth is that Satan HATES me!! I face struggles & temptation every single day of my life; but no matter what happens, I still strive to do the will of God. Because I put my faith & trust in God, He has provided relief for me & my family time & time again! God never fails to comfort & remind me of His promise that “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). There have been countless times that I did not deserve God’s grace & should not have been granted mercy. But He has granted me mercy & forgiveness, as well as goodness & grace -- all for the purpose of sharing it with those I meet along the path of life. Some days are better than others, but you always have to remember to keep pressing on! Keep praising HIM & He’ll never fail to bring you through the storm.